European Championship 2018 | Aug 20-25, 2018 | Pori

News 2018-02-05
Find Snipe Europeans 2018 also at Facebook. Site opened.

News 2018-01-25
Snipe Europeans 2018 website is under construction and will be published soon under

In meanwhile, please find below a preliminary info.

Snipe European Championship 2018
Schedule | August 20-25, 2018
Place | Pori, Yyteri, Finland

SCIRA Finland and hosting club BSF warmly welcome all Snipe sailors, team members, spouses, families and regatta organizers to the west coast of Finland!

The racing area will be the same as for Europeans 2006 but we guarantee that the regatta center will be something different to anything you have most likely experienced ever before under the name of Snipe Regatta. By the way, The Guardian ranked Yyteri on of the 10 best beaches for families in 2016.

SCIRA Finland |
Hosting Club BSF - Segelföreningen i Björneborg |
Yyteri holiday resort |
Pori Tourism |


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