Lähde kisoihin uuteen viklamaahan Sloveniaan!

Viklaperheeseen on liittynyt uusi viklamaa, Slovenia. Ohessa Italian kansallisihteerin välittämä kilpailukutsu.

Hi friends,

attached you can find South European Championship Notice of Race. In 2015, as you know, South European will be hosted by Yachting Club Portoroz, Slovenia.

Slovenia is a new country for snipe and I hope that crews from Europe will be numerous.
Please inform all crews of your country about this event.

I know Finland is not in South Europe, but this Event is open to all crews. In the past, Bart Janssens and Manu Hens from Belgium won the Thropy (2010 2011).

I try to help Slovenia to become a Snipe country.

Thanks and all the best.

Francesco Fontana
Segretario Italiano Classe Snipe
Via San Felice 153 - 40122 - Bologna - Italy
tel. +393488285950 e-mail: segreteriaatsnipe.it

uutinen: kaisaarhelo | 20150514