Porukalla hauskempaa - Ajatuksia osallistumisten aktivoinnista

Challenge #1 in Finland

Only a small part of members and boats that are paying the membership fee are participating the Ranking series and Nationals. How to activate the members and make the events more attractive?
Ideas from the team:

  • Try to organize ”Don’t want to miss”-events.
  • After sail activities are important. Plan also the time when not sailing, starting from when people come ashore.
  • Dinners, games, etc.
  • Price giving ceremony on each day of the regatta: your imagination is the only limit for fun and inclusive prices, get everyone involved.
  • Find a sponsor for the dinner. Or arrange opportunities for the participants to prepare their own barbecue and encourage people to support the local bar.
  • Arrange people to stay in the same hotel to make more opportunities for meeting each other.
  • Shape the regatta calendar to be interesting. Assign a Regatta Captain for each regatta to build a unique identity for the regatta.
  • Use social media to attract sailors that are finalizing their Olympic class sailing. Find and activate clubs that are ready to support newcomers.
  • Give Fleet Captains responsibility to focus on after sail activities. We are often better on Serious Sailing than Serious Fun.

    Otteita Euroopan SCIRA sihteerien kokouksesta 10_2022

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